Distinctive Dental Services, PA

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Howard Lake Office (320) 543-2233
Columbia Heights Office (763) 572-9762


Caring Dental Professionals Close To Home!

Dental Services provided:

As general dentists, we provide services in the following areas:

  • Silver amalgam fillings, composite (white) fillings, root canal treatments, crown and bridge, gum (periodontal) treatments, x-rays, cleanings, oral surgery procedures, cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers; implant services, partial dentures and full dentures. 

Since we are a general dental office, we do all phases of preventive dentistry including x-rays, cleanings and exams including oral cancer screening.

We do complete cosmetic work such as bondings (white fillings), crowns (caps), veneers, and bleaching.

We do handle many phases of periodontal disease treatment (gum treatments) and we have a dental hygienist on staff in Winsted, Columbia Heights and Howard Lake. Referrals are made for advanced cases of periodontal disease.

We do most extractions, both simple and surgical. Referrals are made for some wisdom teeth and for some complicated situations.

We do most root canals. The difficult cases we refer to an endodontist who is a root canal specialist.

We replace teeth and enhance smiles with implants, bridges, partials and a combination of these. Just because you may be missing a few teeth does not mean everyone has to know! We can fill in your spaces and make them virtually undetectable.

No teeth at all? We have an excellent staff and denture lab with over 30 years of experience. Anything from a nice complete set of full dentures to implant supported dentures. We can greatly enhance and restore your chewing ability with the aid of implants. Implants are the only way to hold in a lower denture if you have no bone left. Ask us!

We are always willing to offer second opinions. Since dentistry is both an art and a science, we realize that your expectations are important to us and that there are almost always acceptable alternatives to achieve dental health.

We will review your options and then, together, make that most important decision concerning your health.